Damn, I’ve been wanting to get my bike fixed up and go riding again. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Schuylkill River track. From my apartment, to the completed track, then back home was 12 miles. It was so thrilling to accomplish it. Hope you have some fun with it.

The quote... *snap snap* I’m there with it and have been thinking more about being my own love first.

As always, an immediate read and like. Thanks for being fabulous and (this week) frilly.

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“I always say Maxxinistas are the target audience of this newsletter because we represent the heartbeat of American lowbrow.”

Have you read “Tacky” by Rax King? It’s one of the books that has made me feel most seen. It’s about the “joys of low pop culture and bad taste.”

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There's a serenity that accompanies not slapping back at a hater.

"I can put you in your place. It would be justified. But I don't have to. Ha."

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2002. Downtown Chicago, 2 a.m.

The streets still slick with rain.

With no regard to my early morning college classes a few hours later and just because I could, I raced through those empty streets like a banshee. On my dad's old Raleigh road bike that I'd recently commandered, cellphones not a thing, no one with a clue to my whereabouts, the slice of sleek tires as my only soundtrack:


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Hey, good for you for not engaging negatively a la the "plucked brow." I do my best but sometimes I find myself doing a dumb little immature "brawl" via a long, boring online thread that makes two adults look like 5-year-olds slinging mud online. I think the internet has shifted our collective maturity from a 7, say twenty years ago, to about a 3.

Michael Mohr

"Sincere American Writing"


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